Persuasive Essay Rubric High School

A persuasive essay is one that works to compel an audience that a selected thought pattern or thesis statement is correct, believable, and credible. Several schools create opportunities for their students to take on projects where they have to convince their readers and teachers of selected topics and thesis statements.

A good example of this scenario is the periodic or regular persuasive essay Rubric High School encourages their students to write. Every persuasive essay Rubric High School students turn in is scrutinized thoroughly for grammar, plagiarism errors, as well as for its credibility. This weeds out the subpar essays.

In order to write good essays, high school students are encouraged to scour the Internet for suitable topics to write on, as well as other persuasive essay examples high school students have written, to help them write better essays.

An Example of Persuasive Essay High School Students Can Use as a Guide

Below is an example of a persuasive essay on the topic:

“Teenagers should be taught how to be parents”

A parent is a caregiver, one whose main responsibility is towards their children or offspring, to generally give them a good life, and oversee all their affairs.

By several standards, most teenagers do not fit the required profile to be considered parents, and this has led so a myriad of problems both for the teenagers and other members of the society. Allowing teenagers to take classes and lessons on how to become good parents will solve all of these problems.

Statistically, the number of teenagers who give birth every year before they reach the age of 18 rose from about 7.3 million to 21 million in the year 2020, and out of these births, at least 770,000 are by girls less than 15 years of age. These numbers might be confusing, but it translated to roughly 12% of all births worldwide. These teenagers become parents whether or not it is their choice, and the least that can be done is to properly equip them with the knowledge they need to be good parents.

With the increase in crime rate amongst teenagers, the struggle to fit in, schoolwork, other tasks and responsibilities to juggle, without experience and proper guidance, parenting will pose huge problems. Parenting classes and lessons are not only for adults, but they are also for any and everyone preparing for life as a parent.

As more and more teenagers are added to the number of new parents, it becomes necessary to help them understand what exactly is expected of them as parents, as well as how to tackle the problems that will arise in taking care of children. This will help build better families, stronger bonds, and ultimately, a better society and world for everyone.

Finding Persuasive Essay Examples High School Students Can Use

The Internet is packed with a myriad of information that can be either relevant to you per time, or not. Sometimes, finding just what you want is almost impossible, especially if you don’t know exactly the kind of information you want to find.

The most effective way to find anything online (persuasive essay examples included) therefore, is to make use of essential keywords. Using keywords will help you eliminate excess and irrelevant results and narrow down your search to a list of results that are relevant to what you want to get.


This article has provided all you need to know to write a good persuasive essay, along with a guide. Therefore, you have no reason to turn in a subpar essay after going through the outlined steps.

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