75 Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

Imagine being asked to write a persuasive essay, and you find that you are stuck because you simply don’t know what to write about. Before you begin to panic, understand that the purpose of this essay is to provide you with ample topics to choose from.

When writing a persuasive essay, your topic plays a significant role in determining the persuasive power of your whole essay. If you pick the wrong topic, or a topic you are not familiar with, you might end up writing a poor paper. The right topic will help your paper shine, so read on for a list of 75 persuasive essay topics for kids.

Finding Good Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

As a teacher or an adult, finding good topics for a persuasive essay for kids should not stress you too much. Besides finding examples of persuasive essay for kids, you can also find relevant and interesting persuasive essay topics for kids. Some good persuasive essay topics for kids are outlined below.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

Below are some of the most convincing persuasive essay topics children can choose from. With or without adult supervision, the children can pick the topics that suit them best and create their essays.

  1. Kids should be paid for doing housework
  2. Children should be allowed to skip certain kinds of foods
  3. Children should be allowed as much screen time as they want
  4. School should be as fun as possible
  5. Child safety should be a priority every time
  6. Kids should be allowed to pick their preferred subjects
  7. Having too little money is a bad thing
  8. Students should be allowed to wear what they want to school
  9. Kids should be given less homework
  10. Kids should be allowed to pick their teachers
  11. Kids should not be forced to learn sports
  12. Bullies should be punished severely
  13. Kids should be allowed to choose if they want younger ones
  14. Children should be allowed to have pets if they want to
  15. Parents should spend enough time with their children
  16. Children should be allowed to take their pets to school
  17. Children should be given longer breaks at school
  18. Children need all the love they can get
  19. Everybody should try to help homeless people
  20. Children should be allowed to make donations
  21. UFOs are real
  22. Frogs are the best type of pet to keep
  23. Children must wear helmets to protect themselves
  24. Injections should be banned
  25. Time outs should be shorter
  26. Children should have as much toys as they want
  27. Children should be allowed to read
  28. Kids should be taught to read early
  29. School hours should be made shorter
  30. Kids should be allowed to skip boring classes
  31. Kids should be allowed to have phones
  32. Parents and adults should have less screen time
  33. Dragons do exist
  34. Imagination is not made up
  35. It is important to have good handwriting
  36. Diction classes should be compulsory
  37. Spelling tests should be given often
  38. Ice-cream should be free for all kids
  39. The Child Right Act should be taught in all schools and to all children
  40. Pop quizzes should not be allowed in schools
  41. All kids should have presents for Christmas
  42. Kids should be allowed to give their toys to the poor
  43. Skating should be included as a school sport
  44. We need to have more special holidays
  45. All houses need to have hot water
  46. All kids should have cereal for breakfast
  47. All drugs should be made to taste sweet
  48. Parents should be concerned about their children’s safety
  49. The police should be nicer to people
  50. People should not be allowed to carry guns
  51. The government should give money to the poor
  52. Teachers should try to keep all their students happy
  53. Children should be allowed to sleep when they want
  54. Everyone should get their own room
  55. Sweets and desserts should be a part of lunch
  56. Everyone must learn to recycle
  57. Saving the Earth should be taken seriously
  58. People should be allowed to eat in libraries
  59. Librarians should be nicer people
  60. Fighting should not be allowed
  61. Monsters are real
  62. Some aliens already live on Earth
  63. Children should be allowed to pack their own lunch boxes
  64. Children should be given spending money
  65. Too much television melts people’s brains
  66. Nobody should be made to cut their hair
  67. The government should pay bills
  68. People should write more letters
  69. Math is the best subject
  70. All children should be taught to not talk to or be with strangers
  71. Everyone should cut their hair
  72. Trolleys should be made bigger
  73. All children should be allowed to sit in trolleys when shopping
  74. Children should not be left in locked cars
  75. Adults should always be around to help children


Now you have 75 different persuasive essay topics to choose from, each one as interesting as the next. The topics are specially crafted and put together to satisfy the average child’s needs to see things change. Of course, there are countless other topics you or the children can choose from, but these ones are some of the best.

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