75 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

At some points in middle school, schoolchildren will be made to write essays to prove points and convince their readers. These essays, called persuasive essays, help the students become decisive and to stand by their choices. They also help build the charisma and morale needed to convince other people of their choices.

An example of such is the persuasive essay rubric middle school students are made or encouraged to write.

Persuasive Essay Prompts Middle School Students Will Find Helpful

Choosing the right persuasive essay topic is as important as writing a good essay. This is because right from the topic you choose, you must be able to convince your readers to pick up your essay and read till the end. This article provides 75 persuasive essay topics for middle school students or persuasive essay ideas for middle school students.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Below is a compilation of topics for persuasive essay rubric middle school and other middle school students can choose from:

  1. Teenagers should be allowed to vote
  2. Saving the Earth should be everybody’s business
  3. Sign languages should be taught in all schools
  4. Students should be allowed to pick their teachers
  5. Students should be taught valuable manners in schools
  6. The Child Right Act should be included in every school’s curriculum
  7. Schools should not impose wearing uniforms on their students
  8. Students should be made to wear uniforms
  9. Adults should pay more attention to their children’s overall welfare
  10. Pop culture has a negative effect on young people
  11. Pop culture has a positive effect on young people
  12. Students should be allowed to take personalised classes
  13. Self defence classes should be mandatory for students
  14. Middle school students should be taught how to defend themselves
  15. Schools need to encourage their students to spend more time reading
  16. Adults should take time to monitor their children’s progress in schools
  17. Important values should be taught at home
  18. No child should be forced to grow up
  19. Parents must be ready to take responsibility for their children
  20. Parents should learn to make investments for their children’s futures
  21. Parents should teach their children good spending habits
  22. Children should be taught to save money
  23. Children under the age of 18 should not be made to work
  24. Parents have to pay special attention to their children to make sure they are not being bullied
  25. Schools need to take stricter measures against students that bully others
  26. No child is too old to learn about avoiding strangers
  27. People should be taught the best way to interact with special needs children
  28. Both bullies and their parents should be made to face punishments
  29. Students should be allowed to bring their pets to schools
  30. Students should be taught relevant subjects in schools
  31. Every child should be taught to speak at least one foreign language
  32. Video games should be regarded as part of school curricular activities
  33. Middle school students should be allowed to have cell phones
  34. Students who bully others should be expelled
  35. Holidays should be spent with loved ones
  36. People should do more to help homeless people
  37. Sharing is an important value to have
  38. Body shaming is a form of bullying
  39. Sex education should be compulsory
  40. Cooking classes should be mandatory for students
  41. Students should be taught ways to ensure their security
  42. Children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to be babysitters
  43. Students should be taught healthy lifestyles both at home and in schools
  44. Parents should take out time to get to know their children better
  45. Good communication skills should be taught in schools
  46. Teenagers should be allowed to make political decisions
  47. The government is hiding the truth about aliens
  48. Children should be given free education
  49. Every child should be allowed to take time off from school
  50. Every school should teach their students proper etiquette
  51. Ever child needs to know their home address and parents’ phone numbers
  52. Junior school students should be made to take regular spelling tests
  53. Pop quizzes should be encouraged
  54. Students should be encouraged to form study groups
  55. Schools need to implement proper hygiene practices
  56. Parents should make sure their children practice proper hygiene
  57. Schools need to make students involved in their future
  58. Every child should learn a skill
  59. Every child should know the basic rules of environmental protection
  60. Schools should give students proper counseling
  61. Student’s health should be taken seriously
  62. Students should be taught good dietary practices
  63. Sports keep students away from crimes
  64. Schools need to allow indigenous attires
  65. Having too much money can be bad
  66. Rich people need to help poor people
  67. The government needs to do more
  68. Lockers are unnecessary
  69. Every child should have a proper lunch
  70. All teachers should be nice
  71. Every child should have a reading corner
  72. Children should be allowed to pick meals
  73. Every child needs a home
  74. Stability is important in a child’s life
  75. Creativity should be encouraged


All these topics are good enough for you to write a convincing essay about, so pick whichever you feel comfortable with.

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