Useful Persuasive Essay Guidelines

Having the proper guidance is a valuable thing, even more so when you have one that tells you just what to do at every turn. In persuasive essay writing, there are some guidelines that are guaranteed to make your writing hitch free and on point, and some of these valuable tips and guidelines will be discussed in this article.

How to Ace a Persuasive Essay Assignment

Success is relative, but you would agree with me that in terms of writing a persuasive essay assignment, success means being able to completely convince your readers, while earning a good score. This can be easily achieved or not, depending on big you follow the right persuasive essay steps in your writing.

Some steps guaranteed to get your paper a perfect score are:

  1. Be Resolute in Your Stand

Nothing convinces a person better than confidence, so no matter your stand, be ready to defend it. Be decisive about your choice and do all you can to prove it.

  1. Gather Your Facts and Data

This step is very important. Without the right information, it becomes easier to discredit and dismiss your article. Gather all the information you need and be ready to use them all.

  1. Use Phrases and Words the Right Way

Take note of the words and phrases you use. Use strong words where necessary, and soft words where it calls for it. Use the right phrases for the right parts of your essay. For example, use a comparative phrase like “on the other hand” when making comparisons, and so on.

  1. Arrange Your Points in the Right Order

The best way to do this is to arrange them from the weakest to the strongest. This way, you ease your readers into your essay, and finish up with your strongest points that will further convince them of your idea.

  1. Discredit the Other Side

If you can’t find enough facts to support your claims, do not fear. You can present what you have, and also make the opposite idea look unappealing to your readers such that they will willingly turn to your side. To do this, you need to gather enough facts to disprove the opposite idea, and finally present your own idea as a solution or better option than the other idea.

Persuasive Essay Checklist

For a successful paper, there are some things to look out for, things that make up a good persuasive essay. This checklist contains some persuasive essay guidelines to make your persuasive essay assignment even better. Some of the things that should be included in a persuasive essay checklist are:

  1. A Good Topic

Your topic must be either controversial enough to provoke a second glance from your readers, or strong enough for them to want to see your point.

  1. A Good Introductory Paragraph

An introduction is the first way to convince your readers, so pay special attention to it.

  1. Accurate Statistics and Facts

As the only way to accurately persuade your readers, you need as much as possible.

  1. Convincing Points

Like arrows, your points should be sharp and straightforward.

  1. Ace the Conclusion

A conclusion that gives your readers a call to action.

Persuasive Essay Elements

As with every kind of writing, persuasive essay elements are an integral part of determining the success of the overall paper. On that note, three persuasive essay elements to employ in your writing are as follows:

  1. The Appeal to Logic

One of the easiest ways to convince someone that you are correct or trustworthy is to get them to logically understand your point of view. You should be able to prove to them, without reasonable doubts, that your opinions are correct and trustworthy. Facts and statistics will help you here.

  1. The Appeal to Feelings

Here, your approach is more emotional, and you try to appeal to your reader’s conscience. All of your efforts go towards using the right words to evoke in your readers, the kind of emotion you want them to feel. You can influence feelings of sadness, happiness, anger, or any other emotion in your readers by using a few chosen, well placed words.

  1. The Appeal to Ethics

Somewhat similar to the appeal to feelings, this element of writing aims to convince your readers that you are correct, while leveraging a higher moral ground or from more morally acceptable standards. In other words, you are appealing to your reader’s sense of right and wrong, and using that as a way to convince them that your argument is ethically or morally correct.


Guidelines and help are important elements in determining the success of your paper. Hopefully this article has provided you with more than enough resources to easily write a convincing essay, and score high while at it.

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